Pradnya Desh, Managing Partner, Desh International Law

 I join this mission as a Bellevue-based international trade lawyer that serves businesses wishing to enter the India market. There are so many exciting opportunities here, but there are also significant complications and potential barriers to success. This mission has been a valuable experience in learning more about how to navigate this complex Indian system, as well as help facilitate new partnerships between Washington and Indian firms.

 But I’m also traveling in another capacity — as a delegate of the Washington State Bar Association International Practice section. During our time in Delhi, I visited the Supreme Court Bar of India to launch friendship discussions.  At one point, 50 members of the Supreme Court Bar were peppering me with questions about American jurisprudence and the level of corruption in our legal system. The discussion was fascinating and made me proud to be part of legal system in which corruption is exceedingly rare.

 I ‘m hopeful that the talks will lead to a Memorandum of Understanding that could include exchanges of information and joint programs between our two communities. In the next several weeks, the WSBA International Practice section will negotiate the terms of the potential MOU with the Supreme Court Bar of India, and will submit the proposed MOU to the WSBA Board of Governors for approval.

The attorneys of our state support the businesses of our state.  We facilitate transactions and relationships. We negotiate deals and when necessary, we prosecute or defend.  I strongly believe that international business works better when international bars collaborate.  The governor’s trade mission to India is creating real business opportunities for Washington businesses. To support that, we need better knowledge of and cooperation with the Supreme Court Bar of India.


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